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To Help people find their purpose & inner healing 

we provide programs such as: 

  • Personal Growth and Empowerment Program

  •  Relational and Family Development Program

  •  Business Growth and Strategy Program

Personal Growth and Empowerment Program:


This program focuses on helping individuals gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles. It includes techniques for self-discovery, building self-confidence, and fostering a positive mindset. The program also assists clients in identifying and leveraging their strengths to achieve personal growth and empowerment.

Business Growth and Strategy Program:

This program is designed for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses and achieve long-term success. It focuses on developing effective business plans, refining marketing strategies, improving sales techniques, and optimizing operations. The program also provides guidance on financial management, customer retention, and leveraging technology to drive business growth.

Relational & Family Development Program:

This program focuses on strengthening relationships, improving communication, and fostering healthy family dynamics. It covers topics such as effective communication skills, conflict resolution, building trust, and enhancing intimacy. The program provides tools and strategies for creating harmonious relationships, improving parent-child connections, and promoting overall family well-being.


Join our 60 Day Class

Welcome to the journey of Original Design - A 60 Day Journey to a Healthier Mind. This program aims to help you discover your true identity and purpose, leading to a healthier and happier mind. Join me, Dr. Jermaine A. Williams Sr., as we embark on this transformative journey together. Through this program, you will learn how to rewire your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and embrace your authentic self. So, let's begin this journey towards a healthier mind and unlock your true potential.

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