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Business Coaching 


About Our 3 Programs  


 Business Coach Programs 


| Program | Description | Price


| GOLD Mentorship: Club-

 In-Person Meetings with CEOs. Advising business leaders on

long-term strategic planning, decision-making

helping young businesses thrive and succeed for 6 Months | $800  6/Months


| SILVER Mentorship:  Consulting - 

Virtual or In-Person Coaching. Assisting with recruitment, training,

and employee relations issues for 3 Months | $480 3/Months



| COPPER Mentorship: Consulting -

Phone Advice on Improving business processes and systems

to increase efficiency and productivity | $250 per month


Please Note:  These prices are our Program  prices. Additionally, some consultants charge a flat fee or offer package pricing for certain services per hour, We charge monthly.

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