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Quality Counseling LLC has three positions open now. Here are some details about each position:

1. Representative/Community Ambassador: The representative role involves being the face of Quality Counseling LLC in the community. You will be responsible for promoting our services to potential clients, attending events and conferences, and building relationships with members of the community. You will play a vital role in expanding our client base and raising our profile as a leading provider of counseling services. This is an excellent position for someone who enjoys networking and engaging with people.  

2. Company Intern/Counselor In Training: As an intern, you will work closely with our counseling team to gain valuable experience in the mental health field. You will help our counselors with administrative tasks, attend counseling sessions, and even assist with conducting therapy sessions under the direct supervision of our licensed clinical therapists. This position is ideal for a student or recent graduate pursuing a career in psychology or counseling.

3. Sales Rep: As a sales representative, you'll be responsible for reaching out to potential clients and introducing them to our services. You will work closely with the counseling and administration teams to develop marketing strategies and tactics for attracting new clients. You will use your excellent communication and sales skills to guide clients through the process of signing up for our counseling services. This position is perfect for someone who is outgoing, persuasive, and is comfortable working in a sales environment.

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